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Matrix Education Academic Session

Academy Class

Led by: Nicole Dwight, Matrix Business Specialist​

Academy Class | Matrix Milestone | DARE​

Have you ever heard someone say “You’re a good hairdresser, you should open your own business?”​

Well, being a good hairdresser has nothing at all to do with running a successful business.​

Think about it.​

Would you drive a car or scuba dive without first learning how? Please ask yourself, “why are you in business and what do you want to achieve?”​

Owning a business is one of the most important life decisions you will make and how your business performs will seriously influence the quality of your life.​

We believe you and your business will benefit enormously from our business programs because they are designed to make a positive change to your peace of mind, profile and income. So why not do exactly what so many of our most successful salons have done and commit to a business upgrade and reap the rewards!​

Target Attendee: Salon Owners and Managers ​

​Top  Class Takeaways: ​
What attracts a client to a particular salon and how do they find a salon​
Discover why clients leave a salon and what you can do to safe guard against this​
Uncover the client journey in the salon and how they really feel about it​
How to inspire your team to push themselves to achieve more​
Learn how to set commissions and goals for your team​

$250 including GST​

10.00am – 4.00pm​
Registration 9.30am​

At a Matrix Class, all levels, underlying pigments, textures and curl patterns are welcome. ​